Ronald Black


Omega Institute, Chicago, '73

"Working when I was young on my parents' apartment building in Chicago, I learned that everyone could not manage the rent of a 'downtown high-rise penthouse' but needed an affordable place to live.  Now I understand that 'what's affordable' to a homeowner can change quickly.  We at Monterey Way Properties, LLC want to help homeowners who find themselves stressed over finances to find a suitable solution to their housing situations."

Monterey Way Properties, LLC was established in 2013 by Chicago transplants Ronald and Wendy Black, who made their first real estate purchase in 1975: a house in Phoenix.  It was only a few years later that Laguna Beach, CA became like a second home, and since then, they've had one foot planted in AZ and the other in CA.  Both are solid markets for investments.  Monterey Way is especially interested in California investors who are looking to escape their state's high prices by investing in the Arizona market. 

In every county in which we own a property, Monterey Way contributes to organizations dedicated to eradicating homelessness.                  

​Monterey Way Properties, LLC

Company Profile

Wendy Black 

Managing Partner

​M.M.C., '88, Arizona State University 
B.A., '73, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Whether it's to set down roots and create memories that will last forever or to help provide financial security for you and your family, a home is probably the largest emotional and monetary investment you'll ever make.  We at Monterey Way Properties, LLC respect that and take it seriously."

Executive Team